“I am supporting Dave Piech for County Commissioner, District Four. I have found Dave to be a well-qualified candidate that is honest and trustworthy. His experience as a civil engineer while serving over 28 years in the U.S. Air Force makes him more than qualified to make good decisions about managing our growth, infrastructure, and building more roads to help alleviate our traffic problems. I will be voting for Dave Piech and I hope you will  too. Thank you.”

Wendell Hall

Former Sheriff of Santa Rosa County

Endorsed by Fraternal Order of Police

I’ve known and worked with Dave Piech for almost twenty years; I’ve seen him in action with supervisors, employees, and peers. Simply put, he listens and he LEADS. Dave is a pleasure to work with and to observe as he motivates others and really gets good things done.....not for himself, but for those he serves. If you want someone with their head and their heart in the right place, someone who will listen to constituents, challenge others to do what’s right, and help make smart, cost-effective decisions for those he represents, then vote for Dave Piech!

L. Dean Fox

Major General, US Air Force (ret)



As the Curry County Manager, I had the opportunity to work with Dave Piech, while he was a Colonel stationed at Cannon Air Force Base (CAFB) in Clovis, New Mexico.  Dave has a very strong work ethic, I learned quickly if he said he was going to do something, it happened and his ethics and character are above reproach.  His creativity, knowledge, leadership and work ethics moved our community forward with the expansion of CAFB.  I am proud to have had the opportunity work with Dave and learn from him, but I am honored to call him my friend.  The citizens of Santa Rosa County cannot go wrong with Dave Piech!

Lance A. Pyle, ICMA-CM

Curry County Manager, New Mexico


I first met Dave Piech when he was the Mission Support Group commander for the 27th Special Operations Wing at Cannon AFB, NM. I was assigned to HQ Air Force Special Operations Command, and I routinely visited Cannon AFB for various reasons...mostly to get eyes on what was happening with Airmen and their families.

I was impressed with Dave the first time I met him; it was clear he was zeroed in on taking care of the force. But, that was not his sole level of effort. Dave the key leader charged with building out a formidable special operations forces installation that was being custom designed soup to nuts as a bed down location from which to organize, train, equip, and launch the world’s most lethal special operations aviation capability.

This enormous undertaking called for a leader who could objectively consider complicating factors and solve the problems, sometimes sequentially, but oftentimes problems had to be solved in tandem because of the relationship between objectives. In short, his orchestration of the bed down plan was masterful. Dave was calm but focused...easygoing but determined, and despite the incredible pressure, he was under he always had a smile on his face and took extraordinary care of his team. He was so impressive that he was called by the AFSOC Commander to serve at the HQ to take care of the entire command, and this is when Dave made his appearance on the Emerald Coast and his home in Santa Rosa County.

Santa Rosa County is facing complex infrastructure problems, and I am confident Dave is the leader you want helping solve those challenges and make Santa Rosa County a better, happier place for its citizens to live and work and serve.

Bill Turner, CMSgt, USAF (Retired)

AFSOC Command Chief Master Sergeant


After 34 years of serving in our US Air Force, I have seen some good and some bad leaders. If you are looking for a person of character, who understands the essential services and needs of a community, and who genuinely cares about people, then you have found that person in Dave Piech. I have served with him since 2008 and had the privilege to see both the personal and professional side of Dave and they are the exact same - he is a caring leader who put his efforts into making life better for his people and the community versus promoting himself. Rest assured that Dave is for Santa Rosa County and a great pick for your County Commissioner for District 4!

Joe Milner

Colonel, USAF (Ret)


Mr. Piech has the rare combination of Management, Engineering and Administration skills to lead any governmental or private organization.

Tracy Shearer


Dave always lived by our USAF core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. I’d call that a solid foundation for his next evolution in public service.

Bob Griffin

Colonel USAF (Ret)


Dave is the ideal candidate to serve Santa Rosa County, particularly South Santa Rosa. Having completed a distinguished career in the Air Force, Dave understands the complex needs of military communities and military families. He has worked tirelessly over his career to promote family programs and access to essential services for families, service members, and veterans. He will, no doubt, continue to serve our overwhelming population of military families as well as all other members of our community in the same way.

Dave is an Engineer by education and trade. He understands storm runoff, wastewater and electrical utilities, environmental management, noise pollution, easements, transportation infrastructure, and other aspects of engineering design and management. No other member of the Board of County Commissioners possess these skills. South Santa Rosa has been plagued by runoff problems since our construction boom began. We have local commercial properties wasting away. A proposed bypass promises to change our landscape and affect several businesses and neighborhoods. Whiting Field, our only military installation in SRC, is due for an engineering study and is constantly at risk of closure with each new BRAC cycle. Our beachfront requires continued maintenance and preservation. Dave is able to assess these issues professionally instead of superficially and work with county and state engineers to create real, sustainable, financially responsible solutions to old problems that have plagued the county for decades and new, emerging problems that need accurate mitigation to prevent long-term problems.

Integrity is Dave’s greatest personal quality. He’s not a showman. He’s not interested in playing into the good old boy way. He has dedicated his life to service. Dave told me recently that serving as a County Commissioner isn’t a job to him. It’s an opportunity to continue to serve. He understands fully that the will of the community is job one, and he can only continue to serve if the people in the community approve of the job he does. I have no doubt that Dave will work hard to represent the needs of South County well.

Above all things, Dave is the kind of friend everyone needs. He has never been too busy for anyone to ask a question or a favor, to lend a hand or a power tool, to have a cup of coffee, or to talk about sports or life. Dave is funny and kind, but he’s not a pushover. He stands for what’s right even if it’s not what’s popular. He grew up in a family that worked (and continues to work) hard for everything they’ve got. He values this middle-class community that he calls home. I’m honored to call him a friend and to support his campaign.

He’s exactly the kind of person who should be representing us.

Melissa Kirkner


I'm in for Dave Piech, we need some real leadership and common sense in the Santa Rosa County Commission. Let's get rid of the good old boy network and do things the correct way. Since I was the AFSOC's 1st Command Engineer and Dave Piech was the last one I know how much dual tasking he can handle, he's the right man for the Dist 4 Commission Seat.

Dave Villane

Colonel USAF (Ret)


Dave Piech is a great leader and even greater person. He will look out for the people of Navarre and give us a strong voice to get the things done that Navarre needs. Dave has always been there whenever I needed anything, and he will always be there whenever Navarre needs something.

Robert Harlow

Retired Air Force


Dave Piech has always been willing to listen and learn from any situation. His common sense approach to problems makes the most complicated issues manageable. He is a man who finds the ways to get projects accomplished when other want to create roadblocks. This attitude has been with him from our first meeting in a snowy base in Alaska over 20 years ago to his retirement earlier this year.

Dave Piech is one of the best leaders I met in the Air Force and look forward to what he can do for the rest of the world.

Scott J Alguire

U. S. Air Force, Retired


Outstanding leader who knows how to serve...loved by fellow Airman!

Angie Johnson

CMSgt USAF (Ret)


Dave Piech is the "Go to guy" to get things done. He will keep his promises and make you proud to live in Santa Rosa County!

Kathleen Arciero


Dave is on a mission...you don't spend almost 30 years in the United States Air Forces leading people, fighting for your country and winning battles for just anyone! Now he wants to do this for you! Still serving...he wants to serve SRC. I know Dave. And you should let him!

Stacy Annese


Dave understands that team work is essential to get things done. When he looks at what needs to be done, he has a wider vision than simply the project itself, like the building of a school. He understands that the infrastructure requirements such as sidewalks, more police and fire support, road degradation, etc are not after thoughts but part of the main project. He's got the knowledge and skills to help Santa Rosa County further develop and mature. But of all the things I know about Dave that I love the most is his desire to SERVE.

Skip DalleMolle


I met Dave Piech 15 years ago, at the Pentagon. He arrived to work for me, and I was impressed with his work ethic immediately. I soon found I couldn’t give him enough to keep him busy. He was in charge of pulling together inputs from over a dozen program managers, all of whom were competing for the same resources, and somehow he got them all to agree on priorities and allocation. Later, he was the Base Engineer at Vandenberg, one of the largest bases in the USAF, and made infrastructure and planning his focus. He was so successful, he later was assigned to be the Mission Support Group Commander at Cannon AFB, where AF Special Operations Command was converting the base and facilities from a fighter operation to multiple types of special operations airframes and drones. He managed the largest construction and renovation program in the AF at the time, finding ways to re-purpose as many buildings as possible while simultaneously constructing new ones, and additional ramp space, hangars and utilities. Dave is a true leader, extraordinary team builder and planner.

Mark Drew Wright


If there is one man that knows infrastructure it is Dave Piech... While stationed with him at Vandenberg AFB CA. his focus was on dependable utilities and roadways as they are the backbone of all communities.

Russ Wells

MSgt USAF Retired


One of my best friends for 27 years, Dave Piech exemplifies integrity, service and dedication! I can't think of anyone that cares more about people and doing the right thing. This might only be matched with his natural leadership and perception in solving complex issues. I wish he would run for a national office so I could vote for him.

Tay Johannes

Air Force veteran

Help Dave Piech Fight for Santa Rosa County!

A Veteran with a Conservative Vision for our County

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Help Dave Piech Fight for Santa Rosa County!

Endorsed by Fraternal Order of Police